The Apache-Apple Event Bridge

Run AppleScripts via Apache on Mac OS X!

Also connects any Apple Event driven app to Apache.

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What is The Apache-Apple Event Bridge?

The Apache-Apple Event Bridge or AAEB enables you to run AppleScripts via Apache on Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6 (both client and Mac OS X Server).

Version 1.5 released, August 26th, 2010!

Adds support for calling your script or app via a config file, enabling the url to be simpler, like this:

You can also hide the name of your script from the URL and override or supplement the HTTP arguments from Apache (for details, check out the read me file).

Added support for suppressing the Reopen event if you are calling an app or script that is already running asynchronously (ACGIs).

Added support for AppleScripts that return Script Objects.

Version 1.4 released, July 29th, 2010!

Adds support for returning binary data (e.g. a CGI Request that returns a JPEG, etc.) and the new connect.aaeb mechanism, so addition to calling your script via

you can now call it via

The installer sets up a single connect.aaeb bridge file for you (of course you can use GET or POST to call the script). Note that you can change the name of the connect.aaeb file and use Apache URL rewriting to have a more private approach to running AppleScripts.

How do I start?

Installation takes a few seconds and requires no modifications of Apache Source, and no complicated configuration changes. Just double-click from an admin account and enter a password. The installer adds AAEB to your CGI-Executables folder and an Apache .conf file. Then you restart Apache (turn Web Sharing off then on) and you're ready to go!

Installation takes less than a minute. Click here to watch the video.

Save your compiled AppleScript into the CGI-Executables (or other folder) and your AppleScript is available via:


Of course you can also use a form and POST args or any variation you wish using Apache's URL rewrite module.

The demo comes with a few AppleScripts and documentation on how to prepare your handlers.

Where did this software come from?

AAEB was written in 2009 using C by David Dantowitz to support a multi-threaded geographic relational database engine for Mac OS. That database engine, The ZipBurst CGI (also written in C and debuted in 1998) launches once and handles multi-threaded CGI requests. AAEB is a generalized release of the software that connects Apache and The ZipBurst CGI.


Compiled AppleScripts will only run from a logged-in Admin account.

About the Demo

You can run this application in DEMO mode for 7 days, after which you must purchase a license for $10 US per computer. The demo is fully functional and occasionally reminds you it is in demo mode.


David Dantowitz

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